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What's going on Aliens! Looking to get to that next level? I will develop a program tailored to you! Choose your plan and let's get them gains out of this world.

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Live 1 on 1 workout

Live 1 on 1 training with Mike Rosa! This online workout session will be completely personalized to you.

Mike will custom create your workout sessions tailored to your goals, experience level, muscle group focus, equipment accessibility and anything else you may need that will make it the best routine for you.

If you follow any Anabolic Aliens workouts on YouTube, then take it to the next level by having that follow along workout made specifically for you and get coached through the session!

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Let’s get them gains out of this world together Aliens, no limits!

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Get maximum results no matter your location, time availability or equipment accessibility

Build Muscle, Shred Body Fat, Get Stronger, Lose Weight, Gain Weight…become the best version of you?

Choose your plan & let’s get to that next level together!

Receive a tailored plan customized to your personal workout experience.

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Alien Transformations


"I’ve been following Anabolic Aliens since 2017 and this channel is the reason I got motivated enough to join a gym. I joined my gym on February 2018 and lost nearly 45 pounds. No one can beat Anabolic Aliens 5 minute workouts, they are simply the best videos I’ve watched to date."

"Mike has helped me lose 65 pounds and start gaining muscle. Now I'm more focused to achieve my goal of being a sponsored gym athlete. If there's anything Mike has taught me is there's no such thing as limits!"

"By following Anabolic Aliens you can absorb all you need to know about training. Incorporating this information into your own fitness routine to really move the mark with strength and performance improvements. Ahuge thanks to Mike and the Anabolic Aliens team for creating some game-changing content."

"I’ve been doing Mike’s at home workouts every day for about a year and it’s even inspired me to start my own Youtube Channel. Thank you for everything and keep up the great work!"

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