Everyday Fighter Laces

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Size: 42"
Color: Lightgoldenrodyellow
Sale price$6.50


We’re all fighting every day to carve our own path, to move forward, to make a difference in this world, and feel a sense of worth. It can be hard, but at the end of the day, YOU ARE AN EVERYDAY FIGHTER. Don’t forget it.

Remind yourself at the beginning of your day, when you lace-up, that you’re fighting for what you believe in, and you are worth the fight.

  • Each lace features the word "EVERYDAY" and "FIGHTER" on the aglet
  • Laces are bone white with blacktop aglets and white screen-printed lettering
  • laces come in 4 lengths: 42", 46", 52", and 56"

    We’re committed to delivering high-quality product that is functional, durable and void of the unnecessary. We stand back so you can stand out. 

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