Gronk Fitness Soft Plyo Box Set. 6" 12" & 18" - Commercial Grade

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Become more explosive with the Gronk Fitness Soft Impact Plyo Boxes. Plyo Boxes are great for improving powerful movements. Great for athletes of all ages, cross circuit training and individuals looking to reach fitness goals.  These foam Plyo boxes are made from high density foam and covered with 18oz.vinyl. The bottoms and tops are 30 oz. non-skid vinyl. Each box has a handle for easy repositioning and Velcro strips for stability when stacking. Stack any combination together for desired height.  

The Gronk Fitness Plyo Boxes are built with a wide 30" X 36" frame that prevents tipping so you can push your limits.  

Set includes 6", 12", and 18" Soft Impact Plyo Box.

Heights that can be configured : 6" , 12" , 18", 24", 30" and 36"

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