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KETORUSH: Exogenous Ketones, Natural Caffeine and Electrolytes 

Patented goBHB™ Salts, Electrolytes, and Energizing Ingredients for Your Ketogenic Lifestyle

Ketorush™ contains pure goBHB™ beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) salts - bioavailable exogenous ketones that work to augment ketosis. When you’re in a state of ketosis, a wide range of benefits occur, such as increased energy levels, enhanced blood sugar balance, boosted fat loss, reduced appetite, and much more. 

Just as importantly. Ketorush™ contains natural caffeine, electrolytes, and essential vitamins to help you get the most out of each and every serving. It also mixes easily, has no gritty texture, and comes in two delicious fruit flavors!

“What are exogenous ketones and why should I use KETORUSH™?”

On a molecular level, ketones are natural compounds made in the liver as byproducts of fatty acid metabolism. Ketones have a simple structure, containing a primary carbonyl group (i.e. carbon bonded to oxygen) and two carbon-containing substituents. Exogenous ketones simply denotes ketones that come from a source originating outside of the human body. 

In humans, there are three primary ketone bodies: acetone, acetoacetic acid (AcAc), and beta-hydroxybutyric acid (BHB). Naturally, when you’re on a carb-restricted/keto diet, the mitochondria of cells use these ketones to create energy.

BHB is the most potent ketone in terms of being oxidized for energy or being used directly by tissues. Therefore, consuming Ketorush™ provides your body with an immediate supply of BHB salts (exogenous ketones) to utilize.

In turn, even if you're not on a keto (carb-restricted) diet, Ketorush™ will help mimic the effects of your body being in a state of nutritional ketosis almost instantly (generally within 20 minutes or less after consuming one serving). Pretty awesome, isn’t it? But the applications and benefits of Keto Energy™ don’t stop there…

Benefits of KETORUSH™  

Ketorush™ is formulated with evidence-based ingredients that support your keto lifestyle and overall fitness in many ways, including: 

  • Rapidly induce nutritional ketosis[1]
  • Increase energy and cognitive function[2],[3]
  • Reduce appetite and sugar cravings[4]
  • Enhance athletic performance1,[5]
  • Support healthy blood sugar balance and insulin metabolism[6]
  • Support lean muscle tissue and fat burning
  • Fight inflammation[7]

Research and Science behind the KETORUSH™ Formula

goBHB™ Exogenous Ketones

Each serving of Ketorush™ contains a research-based dose (11.7 grams) of pure goBHB™ exogenous ketones that work to rapidly and efficiently induce nutritional ketosis. A growing body of clinical and scientific research demonstrates the usefulness of exogenous ketones for reducing food cravings, increasing cognition, boosting energy, enhancing athletic performance, supporting blood sugar balance, and more.[1-7]

Electrolyte/Hydration Complex

Electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium) are even more critical for those on a very-low-carb diet/keto diet, since they tend to be rapidly excreted when the body is in ketosis. Having low levels of electrolytes can lead to dehydration and drastically reduce both mental and physical performance. Moreover, vigorous exercise and warm/hot weather increase sweat production, which contains both water and electrolytes. To combat this, each serving of Ketorush contains over 1500 mg of bioavailable electrolytes (as phosphate salts) and raw coconut water concentrate to keep you hydrated and performing at your best.

Natural Caffeine (from Green Tea)

Rather than synthetically made caffeine, Ketorush™ contains natural caffeine from green tea. Caffeine is an indubitably effective performance enhancer, working through a variety of mechanisms to increase mental acuity, energy, power, motivation, and more.

In fact, research has shown that well-trained athletes experience a significant decrease in the rate of perceived (RPE) exertion of their training when they consume caffeine beforehand.[8] In simpler terms: consuming caffeine before exercise helps you train longer and at a higher capacity.

Furthermore, caffeine encourages the production of catecholamines, especially dopamine and adrenaline, thereby keeping focused, wakeful, and motivated.[9] As such, Ketorush™ is a great supplement for dedicated gym-goers, fitness enthusiasts, students, and workaholics.

Essential Vitamins (Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12)

Quality Differences of KETORUSH™


† In combination with proper diet and exercise.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent disease. The information presented on this site is not intended to replace advice from your physician, healthcare professional or information found on the product label or packaging. You should always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before taking any of these products, especially if you are pregnant, nursing or taking prescription medications.

How to Use Ketorush

Ketorush™ can be used in a variety of manners to support ketosis, enhance performance, reduce appetite, increase energy and much more. We recommend consuming one serving about 30-45 minutes before exercising, or throughout the earlier parts of the day to help reduce appetite and keep your energy levels up.

Ketorush FAQ:

Q: Will KETORUSH™ benefit me if I’m an endurance athlete?

A: Certainly! Ketorush™ isn’t just for people who train with weights (or even those who eat a higher-carb diet). In fact, using Ketorush prior to a long run or other endurance event will help keep your energy and performance at a high level due to long-term fuel it provides (as well as electrolytes to keep you hydrated).

Q: How long will it take to notice the positive effects of KETORUSH™?

A: Ketorush™ is a fast-acting supplement that provides sustained benefits. You will experience positive effects within minutes of consuming it, and they will last upwards of eight hours after each serving. 

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