Multivitamin, Mineral & Antioxidant PLUS

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The most complete and comprehensive multivitamin on the market. Sourced with the highest quality, most clinically effective ingredients at levels where studies show you get clinical benefits. Feel the difference or your money back.

  1. Vitamin A as pro-formed beta-carotene: Supports healthy skin and vision
  2. Vitamin C as buffered mineral ascorbates: Delivers extra immunity benefits
  3. Vitamin B6 as P5P, the highest quality B6 available: Supports energy production and amino acid metabolism
  4. Folate as 5-MTHF, the only metabolically active form of folate: Helps lower homocysteine levels
  5. Vitamin B12 as methylated cobalamin: Supports bone health & red blood cell formation
  6. Comprehensive bioflavonoid complex: Can help improve blood circulation
  7. Red wine grape extract: Provides extra antioxidant protection
  8. Trace mineral complex from algae

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