Previnex Probiotic

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30 billion healthy bacteria, six clinically proven strains, with a clinically proven prebiotic, NutraFlora®, that helps with the growth and colonization of good bacteria in the gut. Shelf stable (no refrigeration required), stomach acid resistant, and oh so good for your gut!

  1. 30 billion CFUs per serving
  2. Six clinically proven bacteria strains that promote six different areas of digestive health.
  3. Clinically proven prebiotic, NutraFlora®, that enhances the growth and colonization of healthy bacteria in the gut
  4. Acid resistant bacteria strains
  5. Shelf-stable and does not require refrigeration

Take two (2) capsules daily. For best results, take one capsule twice daily (two total), preferably with food in the AM & PM.

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