First of all, it is extremely important to understand that you are not going to overpower your height genetics unless you take drastic measures like drugs or surgery. And you don’t want to do that.

Instead, you want to be as healthy and natural as possible for many different reasons.

That being said though, there are multiple lifestyle factors that limit your ability to reach your true height potential. In fact, the majority of people don’t grow as tall as they possibly can.

Also, your growth plates generally close around your mid 20s, so the following tips on how to get taller are specifically targeted to the younger population that is still growing.

5 Natural Ways To Grow Taller

1. Get Enough Sleep

Naturally sleeping better at night is absolutely essential for so many different reasons. But for this article’s purpose, we’ll stick specifically to its importance regarding growth.

When you’re still growing, you need to be getting between 8-11 hours of sleep per night to maximize your height potential. This may sound like a ton of hours, especially compared to the older population that has a lot more responsibilities. But that just goes to show the importance of sleep as you grow.

While you are asleep, your body is growing and regenerating tissue. Also, your body naturally produces human growth hormone or HGH in deep, slow wave sleep.

The more HGH you can naturally create in your body, the more growth you’ll generate. Of course, one bad night of sleeping isn’t going to stunt your growth. But it has been proven that getting too little sleep consistently suppresses growth hormone.

Also, if you’re not getting enough sleep, your recovery from exercise is sub-optimal. Healthy muscles and bones are crucial as you grow. Without proper sleep, your cells won’t properly reproduce and regenerate.

2. Eat A Balanced Diet

Nutrition is incredibly important for growth & to grow taller. Protein, vitamins, and minerals specifically are absolutely essential in order to reach maximum height growth. On the other hand, carbonated drinks, excessive sugar intake, and excessive saturated fat can actually be detrimental to your growth patterns.

You want to have an overall balanced diet to ensure you get all your needed macros and micros to feed and fuel your bodies while growing. It’s actually shown that cleaner diets result in less body fat storage and increased height.

Also, the release of growth hormone is triggered by protein and vitamin D. So consuming foods rich in protein and vitamin D contributes to more growth hormone, which brings about proper bone and muscle growth.

Another important consideration is the mineral zinc. A zinc deficiency has been proven to stunt growth. Therefore, to combat a zinc deficiency, eat plenty of legumes, seeds and nuts, which are all high in zinc.

In order to grow, your bodies need to fuel the process. Each nutrient has properties that play a role in contributing to the proper optimal growth of your body.

All in all, get your calories in, especially during growth spurts where your body is using more energy. Most importantly, make sure those calories are nutrient dense and well balanced. 

3. Exercise More

Being physically active is one of the best ways to naturally increase height. There is a direct correlation between bone and muscle development, and physical activity while we’re growing.

When you increase activity, your body demands more nutrients. This increased nutrient demand allows the increase of your nutrient intake which results in more growth.

Also, physical activity can complement the spine, aiding in more optimal height development. Therefore, being active and playing sports while growing up is vital to your body’s development.

In addition, working out naturally stimulates growth hormone. Resistance training specifically releases the greatest amount of growth hormone in the body.

Due to this increase in growth hormone, you will lengthen your muscles, add more mass to them, increase bone density, and spur more growth.

Overall, exercise in general is a great natural way to grow taller. It will increase nutrient demand, increase HGH production, aid in bone and muscle development, and maximize your height.

4. Maintain Good Posture

Straightening the spine and strengthening the back play significant roles in height growth. Your spine contributes around 80% of your height. Fortunately, posture is something that for the majority of people is actually in your control.

Ideally you want to align the neck and head without bending or slouching. You also want to keep your shoulders upright while walking and standing. Posture is an essential principle that should be emphasized while you grow.

There are certain exercises, stretches, yoga routines, and other methods to help correct or improve posture. In specific, hanging exercises are a great way to improve your posture, as they decompress the spine. However, they will not make you taller.

As you know, you can’t trump your genetics. Instead, place an emphasis on standing and sitting up straight, as while as lying down straight.

That can actually make a huge difference. Proper alignment will allow your body to grow and develop more optimally, which will increase your likelihood of reaching your full height potential. 

5. Boost Your Melatonin Levels

Melatonin is a natural hormone made in the brain which helps to regulate sleep cycles. Melatonin not only aids in sleep, but it also boosts natural HGH levels. So by optimizing melatonin levels, you’ll sleep deeper and increase the amount of growth hormone in your body.

You can eat foods that naturally increase melatonin like pineapples, oranges, and bananas. If you were to try supplemental melatonin, you don’t need a ton of it. Just 0.5-5 mg before bed will do the trick (you can experiment within that range to find what works best for you).

To sum it up, melatonin is a natural hormone that, if optimized, can induce deeper sleep and increase HGH, which are both significant factors in achieving melatonin height growth.



Getting proper sleep, having a well balanced diet, exercising, keeping good posture, and optimizing melatonin are 5 natural ways to help you grow taller and reach your full height potential!

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