I’ve dealt with anxiety my whole life in different ways and I’ve had a great life. I think everyone has the power within themselves to handle their anxiety naturally and live a happy healthy life. That being said, I’m a huge believer in if there are methods to help you enhance your life quality then why wouldn’t you do it? This concept was something I became really passionate about when I was first introduced to Herbstrong.

Herbstrong reached out to me looking for a partnership to promote their CBD/Hemp Recovery Products. I didn’t know too much about CBD at this point in time and honestly I was skeptical to pursue a partnership with Herbstrong due to the controversy with cannabis. I’m from Boston, Massachusetts and Marijuana was not yet legalized for recreational use so my business sense was going back and forth whether I wanted my company Anabolic Aliens associated with products that could be related to marijuana. After doing some research on CBD/Hemp, I quickly learned there were no psychedelic properties to using it so it’s not like I would be promoting getting high.

The Herbstrong Recovery Products were advertised to help with muscle recovery, relieve pain and inflammation, help with sleep, and many more health benefits. What mainly stood out to me though was the claim it helped reduce anxiety. I took a step back from the business thoughts and personally, I really wanted to try these products.

Herbstrong sent me their CBD Recovery Drops to try out. After a few weeks of using the drops, I actually started noticing a difference. My body wasn’t as tight, I was feeling more rested, but most importantly I was feeling less anxious and stressed! The CBD recovery drops were helping me feel more relaxed physically and mentally really helping me stay focused and maintain positive energy throughout the day. After this revelation, I made the decision this was a product and company I could proudly stand by and support their cause. The business side of me was still a little nervously curious regarding the reputation a cannabis related partnership would give Anabolic Aliens, but when it really comes down to it it’s something I can passionately promote because I believe in it from having real experience using it.
Genuineness has been and always will be a huge component of the Anabolic Aliens brand so Herbstrong CBD/Hemp products fit into my business module perfectly. That is how my partnership with Herbstrong was established and then a CBD craze took off so I got in the market at a perfect time. Then, marijuana was even legalized in Massachusetts for recreation use. Everything worked out. If you’re interested in trying CBD/Hemp or need to re-up your supply, I highly recommend Herbstrong because it works for me and I still use it daily!


Favorite Product: Recovery Drops -> Use "ALIEN15" for 15% off!

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