Muscle Mac: Must-Have Mac & Cheese for Athletes, Trainers, and Eaters!

These days there are great resources that provide valuable education on fitness, exercise, nutrition, and weight loss. The experts keep us informed on health trends, better food choices, and all the reasons why those choices are good. The benefits of Probiotics, MCT Oil, and balanced Macros are widely known thanks to these efforts. However, some experts believe that if you are serious about fitness gains and quality nutrition, certain foods should be eaten sparingly–and Mac & Cheese is usually on that list! 

Well, I’m positive that we can get coaches, athletes, and healthy eaters to agree. It’s now possible to enjoy your favorite comfort food AND get quality nutrition in a bowl of Mac & Cheese.

Meet Muscle Mac, the only Mac & Cheese that provides performance nutrition to fuel your workouts and fitness goals. And to prove our point, let’s do a head-to-head on some key ingredients.

Get Muscle Support From Your Mac

Looking in the aisles today, you wouldn’t typically turn to Mac & Cheese as a primary source of protein. Kraft, arguably the classic and decades-long favorite, only has 10 grams of protein per serving. Annie’s is marketed as a healthier option, but only carries 9 grams per serving.

Muscle Mac, the contender and soon-to-be champ (in our humble opinion), weighs in at a whopping 20 grams of protein per serving. That’s almost half of your recommended daily protein in one serving and more protein than you get in 3 eggs. As anyone who’s involved in CrossFit, weightlifting, bodybuilding, or overall strength conditioning knows – finding savory tasting ways to get quality protein into your diet is a game-changer.

Consuming protein-rich nutrients play a critical role in supporting muscle growth and muscle recovery after your workout. The large amount of protein in Muscle Mac helps you maintain muscle mass and rebuild torn muscle.

Getting Good Carbs Out Of Your Mac & Cheese

As spelled out on their labels, national Mac & Cheese brands have around 40 grams of over-processed carbohydrates in every serving. Traditional Mac & Cheese might go down tasty, but it leaves you feeling hungry minutes later. Low-quality carbs tend to do that to a person. No wonder the nutrition police want traditional Mac & Cheese limited on your diet. But as many nutritionists state: not all carbs are bad carbs.

Carbs are your body’s main source of energy and if you don’t consume enough carbs, your body will start burning muscle for its energy source. That’s why Muscle Mac was made with the perfect ratio for your Macros to make sure you’re getting the required carbs you need.

A Higher Quality Pasta for Your Mac

Muscle Mac is built on a foundation of high-quality pasta made with high-quality semolina wheat, not white flour. It’s all-natural, GMO-Free, and enriched with added vegetable protein. Plant-based protein has been shown to energize, fuel, and promote overall well-being.

What if the craving you have for a hot, delicious, gooey, cheesy bowl of Mac & Cheese was actually one of the best choices you could make?

It’s All About Real Cheese

It’s pretty simple math. The more real Cheese that’s in the dish, the better the taste–and Muscle Mac uses more real Cheese than other national brands. Some of the brands said to be the cheesiest, like Velveeta, aren’t really made with Cheese at all. When you put your spoon into that creamy bowl of Muscle Mac, you know that it’s the real deal. It has the natural texture and consistency you expect from Mac & Cheese, but with all the added benefits. Muscle Mac perfected beefing up the protein without compromising the taste. To that end, you won’t find trans fats, partially hydrogenated oils, synthetic dyes, colors, or flavors in Muscle Mac. Those things just aren’t good for you, and they sure don’t taste good either.

Muscle Mac Pro Packs Additional Punch

Now that you’ve seen the power of the core Mac & Cheese product, you’re really going to be pumped to know about Muscle Mac Pro. Are you ready to take your nutrition program up a notch? With Muscle Mac Pro, you can get all the great performance nutrition from Muscle Mac, plus the added benefits of BC30 Probiotics and MCT Oil.

Let me say that again. 20 grams of high-quality protein, BC30 Probiotics, and MCT Oil all in a single serving of Mac & Cheese.

BC30 Probiotics have been clinically proven to support digestive and gut health–as well as provide a boost in immunity. You’ve heard of having a good gut, right? For athletes of all kinds, this has to do with the shape their abs are in–and the shape their stomach function is in. Probiotics help by enhancing protein utilization. You get your full recommended daily value of probiotics in one serving of Muscle Mac. It goes without saying, but I have to say it anyway: this isn’t found in traditional Mac & Cheese. 

And that’s not all. Including MCT Oil in your diet is a fantastic fitness maximizer. The benefits are amazing and published widely by health gurus. MCT Oil helps maintain a healthy weight by making you feel full. It reduces stored body fat by raising your metabolic function and supports better digestion. And once again, you won’t find it in traditional Mac & Cheese.

Muscle Mac: Must-Have for Athletes, Trainers, and Fitness Enthusiasts!

The rich, cheesy comfort food we all grew up with is no longer off the menu as a quality source of nutrition. Muscle Mac fits perfectly into any meal plan as a great-tasting way to get clean protein and balanced Macros that satisfy your cravings. Whether you cook it on the stovetop, or in a handy microwave cup, this is going to become a go-to choice to satisfy the taste you crave, and the protein you need.