Top 5 Must-Haves For Your Protein Shaker Bottle

Protein shakes are an easy convenient way to supplement your diet. Proteins are a must-have nutrient in your diet when you want to stay fit and healthy. You need to pile in proteins to build more muscles, grow strong and make the most of your workouts. 

Protein shaker bottles go hand in hand with a protein-dense diet. You can easily consume the needed protein every day when you invest in a quality protein shake bottle.

A quality protein shaker bottle is a vital tool to replenish your protein stores pre and post-workouts. A good shaker bottle can also be used as a water bottle or to mix BCAA's to drink during your workout.  So having a good shaker bottle can also mean the difference between an enjoyable and depressing workout session. 

Keep reading if you want to find the right shaker bottle for your workouts. Here are the top five must-haves for your protein shaker bottle. 

1. Keeps Your Drink Cold for 30+ Plus Hours 

The joy of using a protein shaker bottle is to enjoy a cold refreshing beverage after your workout. There's nothing more annoying than dealing with a warm protein shake when you're sweating. 

You can invest in a super-insulated protein shake bottle. Experts recommend storing cold beverages, especially smoothies, at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below. Any temperatures above this could mean your shake spoils. 

Dawn Jackson Blatner, R.D.N., C.S.S.D., author of The Superfood Swap, says an unrefrigerated homemade shake can safely last 2 hours. So, a well-insulated mug protects you apart from keeping your shake conducive. 

A must-have for shaker bottles for workouts is some perfect insulation. You want your drink cold after your workouts. Iceshaker premium insulated bottles can keep your shake cold for 30+ hours. 

Iceshaker insulated bottles get their strength from their premium double-wall vacuum insulation. This is a protein shake bottle you can count on whether you're going for a hike or to the gym. It's sure to keep your drink cold, tasty, and enjoyable until your next session. 

Double-wall vacuum insulation comes with the extra boon of preventing condensation on the outside of your bottle. This way, no heating or cooling occurs on your bottle so your beverage retains its temperature longer. 

Drinking a protein shake is essential after workouts. Protein shakes can kick-start metabolism, ease muscle soreness and promote muscle gain. This makes a well-insulated container a necessity for all health or fitness enthusiasts. 

2. Easy to Use and Carry Around

One thing that can help you reach your fitness goals is consistently taking your protein shake. This means you'll need your protein shaker bottle conveniently by your side. Your bottle supplements you with the vital nutrients pre and post-workouts. So, you can't leave it behind when it's time to get moving.

But not all protein shakers bottles are equal. If your bottle is your best companion, it has to be easy to use and carry around. Many gym fanatics will agree this is one of the essential shaker bottle features. 

The first thing you will want to see is an easy-to-hold handle when it comes to convenience. Something as simple as a snap down bucket style handle can make carrying your shaker bottle super easy. 

You want to easily carry your container no matter how many items you're holding. A sturdy bucket style handle allows you to loop your finger and you're good to carry your bottle. It's easy to overlook this feature but it can save you a lot of trouble and a lot of drops. 

Another shaker bottle feature you need is an easy grip. It's a gym rat haven to have a graspable shaker bottle. Look for a sweat-proof bottle for a perfect grasp that eases carrying it around. 

Next on the top shaker bottle features that guarantee convenience is a leak-proof pop top. As a rule, it should be easy to open and secure enough to prevent spills. You don't want to stain your bags or mess your car or the gym area.

You also want your beverage to stay intact and pure. Any leakages could allow for contamination or entry of impurities. A BPA Free leak-proof pop-top is always a safe and convenient option in your protein shakerbottle. 

3. Stain and Odor Resistant

Imagine an unpleasant smell hitting you when you grab your smoothie after some workouts. Some protein shaker bottles are likely to absorb odor that can make you throw them away. 

Plastic shaker bottles can absorb odor and emit an unpleasant plasticky stink. The smell may linger until you wash it or air out your bottle. This is something you wouldn't want to come across when you're exhausted.

Protein shaker bottles are also likely to gather stains which can be very difficult to clean. A dirty shaker bottle is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. 

Fitness pro, Celdrina Calder, says bacteria thrive in a protein shaker bottle's warm, dark environment. He adds that the protein powder for bottles remaining combined with this environment creates a colossal germ party.

Calder further warns, "Those bacteria are what add to the rotten odor you smell when you open a dirty shaker bottle. A stained or dirty shaker puts you at the risk of getting sick".

Any athlete or gym goer knows that cleaning a protein shaker bottle is harder than it looks. If you're an on-the-go drinker or you forget cleaning, you know it takes hard work to remove those stains. 

Choose a protein shaker bottle that doesn't bother with odor and stubborn stains. The best shaker bottles are made of kitchen-grade premium stainless steel that resists stains and odor. It takes a quick wash to remove stains in a stainless steel bottle. 

Our customers say they like stainless steel bottle because it doesn't pick up odors like other protein shaker bottle materials. It's much easier to clean.

4. A Perfect Blender

Speed and efficiency are some top shaker bottle qualities to look for. You want a sturdy protein shaker bottle that can efficiently crumble and smoothen protein powder.

A protein shaker that comes with the typical metal agitator is likely to be slow and it may leave some clumps in your protein powder. It may not deliver the easy-to-drink shakes free of unmixed protein powder. 

The Ice Shaker is famous for being featured on Shark Tank. It's different from other shakers because of its patented removable twist-in agitator that will twist on and off the lid.

This new feature enables the Ice Shaker to effectively break down protein powder and prevent all clumps from getting through. The agitator works perfectly to dissolve your entire powder and prevent ice cubes from clogging the spout of the bottle as well so you always get a good pour.

5. Packs Away Well

Every fitness enthusiast enjoys a protein shaker bottle that supports their lifestyle. A protein shaker bottle is worth every penny if you can stay without worrying about it falling off. 

When you're out hiking or going to the gym, you need a shaker bottle that is portable. There's nothing worse than a bottle falling off your bag or rolling around your car.

One of the most valuable Ice Shaker bottle features is its ability to fit into all cup holders and bags. It fits into all standard cup holders, so you can have peace of mind when you're driving, riding, or walking. 

Check For These Shaker Bottle Features

A high-quality, functional and easy-to-use protein shaker bottle is the best accessory for any health and gym enthusiast. It can save you time and money and boost your quality of life.

The Ice Shaker premium insulated drinkware fills the bill if you're looking for the best protein bottle shaker. It has double-wall insulation to keep your protein shake cold for more than 30 hours.

It also comes with a sturdy handle that makes it one of the easiest protein shaker bottles to carry around. We used kitchen-grade premium stainless steel to make it. This makes it stain and odor-resistant.

Your shaker bottle has a perfect twist-in agitator to produce the finest blended protein shake. It's easy to carry around and travel with because it can fit all standard cup holders and bags. 

The gold standard for shaker bottles for workouts is convenience. It creates a hassle-free way to enjoy your smoothie or shake after or before an extended gym or jogging session. Leak-proof, easy to open, grip, and easy to carry are some of the bare minimums in shaker bottle features. 

Is The 26oz Ice Shaker Protein Shaker Bottle Best for You?

A protein shaker bottle is one of the must-haves when you want to stay healthy or build muscles. You need to boost your nutrients before and after workouts. And the best way to do so is with a protein-dense refreshing drink. 

A protein shaker comes in to make your life easy and your regimen enjoyable. You'll have something satisfying and nutritious to look forward to before and during workouts.

Are you looking for a bottle that has everything you need for an enjoyable protein shake? Find the perfect size for your fitness needs at

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