4 Bicep Curl Exercises For Bigger Arms

If you casually show your muscles to show your strength, then no surprise, this muscle will be your biceps.

One is because the biceps in this position itself is challenging to accumulate fat. The second is because the biceps in our daily life in the use of very high frequency when we lift heavy objects, pick up things and so on need arm activities will exercise the biceps, so it will also be relatively developed, and finally is because of the convenience of easy to show when we stretch out the arms bend up can.

Bicep curls muscles worked

Biceps brachii: The biceps brachii muscle contains two heads (long head and short head), forming a tendon that passes through the elbow joint and connects to the radius. The long head is located outside the arm, from the top of the scapula. Together with the highest part of the pectoralis muscle fibers of the anterior deltoid muscle, the short head is located on the inside of the arm, from the lower position of the scapula, so it does not exert force when the arm is raised, so its central role is to cooperate with the long head to complete the rotation back (that is, when the palm is facing behind, we rotate the arm to make it forward) action.


Different grips can have other effects on the exercise of the biceps during the exercise.

  • A rotated back grip (when the palm is facing up, or reverse grip) maximizes the biceps
  • A neutral grip (palms facing each other, or hammer) transfers stimulation to the brachialis, which is located between the biceps and triceps and finishes the arm details.
  • An orthogonal grip (palms facing down) is more stimulating for the brachialis and brachioradialis muscles.

During the exercise of the biceps, different grip distances also create different stimuli for other muscle heads with varying grip distances.

  • Wide grip, i.e. when the hands are spaced apart, stimulates the short head more
  • A narrower grip, i.e. when the distance between the hands is small, facilitates the long head more.
  • During the biceps exercise, whether the long head is extended can stimulate the long head differently than the short one.

During the upward incline movement, the more behind the elbow, the greater the stimulation for the long head.

The incline bend or prone upward bend movement (elbow forward movement) can limit the extension of the long head, so focus on exercising the short head of the biceps.

So, to get the biceps in good shape, we need to do different forms of biceps training and gradually increase the weight according to our training purpose and then stick to the training after understanding its structure and the other stimulation of different training methods for the formation of biceps.

4 Bicep Curl Exercises

Next, IFAST Fitness shares 4 bicep curl exercises in which we can change the details of the movement to form a different stimulus for the biceps.

Incline dumbbell curl

During this dumbbell curl, the elbow joint is pulled back more, so the long head gets a reasonable extension, which will effectively exercise the long head.

  • Supine on the upper incline bench, legs apart feet on the ground, lower limbs fixed, back against the solid chair, core tightening
  • Each hand holds a dumbbell hanging on the side of the body, keeping the body stable, keeping the arms still, biceps force upward bending small arms
  • Stop at the apex, contract the biceps and then control the speed slowly put back, and feel the extension of the biceps

Standing Cable Curl

Although the cable curl is not as long as the upward incline bend to get a full extension, compared to the prone upward incline bend and the incline to bend, will also form a specific stimulation of the long head. At the same time, the hand's grip distance is narrower will form a practical inspiration for the short head.

  • Adjust the rope to a low position while standing on the rope, waist and back straight, core tightening
  • Hands straight, big arms close to the body, hands holding the handle, grip than the shoulder slightly narrow
  • Keep the body stable, keep the big arms still, and biceps force upward bending small arms
  • At the apex of a short pause, contract the biceps and then control the speed slowly restore, stretch the biceps

High Cable Curl

Raise your arms upward to a position where your large arms are level with the ground. Do this in a form that limits the extension of the long head and allows the short head to be more effectively stimulated.

  • Adjust the rope to a high position, stand with chest and stomach, grab the rope handle with one hand and raise the arm to parallel with the ground
  • Keep the body stable, keep the arms still, biceps force bending arms
  • To the top of the action to stop, contract the biceps, and then control the speed slowly restore so that the biceps are fully extended

Dumbbell Hammer Curls

The hammer curl is an exercise movement for the brachialis, which helps us outline the biceps and triceps and make them distinct.

  • Stand with your feet slightly apart, back straight, core tight, and hold dumbbells in each hand on the side of your body with palms facing each other.
  • Keep your body stable, keep your arms still and bend your arms upward to the apex of the movement.
  • After a short pause at the height of the active control speed slowly restore\

To exercise the biceps and make it coordinated and perfect, we need to do the movement as a bicep curl. Different bending practices will form other stimulation for different positions of the biceps, so we want the biceps to develop well. We need to use various methods to form additional stimulation for the biceps, not a movement to do the end.