Keep Your Hair Healthy With Regular Sports

Are you following a workout regime? Of course! It is extra important to keep a good shape and release the stress of today’s life. You might not want to lose the charm and health of your hair and expose it to unnecessary risks! Does a heavy workout cause hair loss? Dr. Emrah Cinik explains a healthy program sports lovers should follow to keep their hair healthy.

It All Comes Down to Lifestyle! “Hair loss does not have a single cause, so it is important to consider that there isn’t only one factor to blame when you experience severe hair loss,” says Dr. Emrah Cinik. Genetics, hormones, physical damage, and many other factors cause hair loss. Sounds complicated? It isn’t! “If you follow a healthy routine, you will hinder many of these factors while improving your overall health conditions,” he continues. Now that you are following a sports routine, you are taking significant steps towards having a healthy hairstyle.

When we talk about sports and hair loss, people’s minds go straight to the shower after a workout session. As important as it is, it is not the only important factor. We will explain the proper washing routine after an hour of working out, but you need to take care of your hair during the entire day. What you eat, the shampoo you use, the styling materials you apply, and the physical conditions of your scalp are there for you to take care of. It is vital to make haircare a daily routine besides your sports routines to keep things simple and easy.

Diversity in the Meals 

A healthy diet with enough diversity is necessary for your body to maintain fit and sound. Your hair also needs a range of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. You should follow a tailored diet when you work out, especially heavily. Try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and if you are not on a veggie diet, a good diversity of red and white meat and fish. Do not forget beans, as they are a great source of protein. Try to check out your blood factors regularly to identify any kind of vitamin deficiency. 

Vitamins like B vitamins, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D, and minerals like Iron and Zinc are necessary for you to have a healthy hairstyle. While you work out regularly, ensure your vitamin and mineral intake is enough to support your overall health and your hair’s health status.

Take Sweat Seriously!

Sweat can cause hair loss if your hair and scalp are not correctly cleaned and cared for because it clogs hair follicles and inhibits hair growth. Your hair could suffer from the salt buildup brought on by that sweat. It doesn’t mean sweating is totally dangerous! Some people avoid workouts in order not to sweat, which is a huge mistake! Excessive sweating and not cleaning sweat can be harmful to your hair but sweating in general is a healthy act your body does and has many positive effects. You just need to clean it off after every exercise session.

Choose a Mild Shampoo

How often do you work out? 3 days a week? 4 days a week? Everyday? Generally, to keep your hair and scalp healthy, you need to wash it about 3 times a week. If you wash your hair more, you are exposing your hair and scalp to the risk of dehydration and breakage. If you want to wash your hair after every workout session, make sure you use a shampoo that has a mild formulation and organic ingredients. You can also use a very mild conditioner to keep your hair shaft healthy and thick.

Remember! The risks of keeping your scalp covered with sweat and salt are higher than anything else! But you can avoid any kind of risk by using well-formulated organic products.

Heavy Workout and Hair Loss

So far, none of the reliable research projects has found any direct relation between sports and hair loss. But it is easy to claim that following a sports regime besides having a balanced diet and a healthy haircare routine is hugely beneficial to your hair. Regular workouts solve countless health issues that directly or indirectly affect your hair.

However, in some cases, reports show that heavy and excessive workout programs harm the health conditions of the hair. This might have many reasons and in such cases, we strongly recommend you visit a trusted medical doctor. 

Drying Habits Are Also Important

Drying hair properly after a workout session is an overlooked activity when it comes to keeping hair healthy and sound! Make sure you use a clean towel without much pressure. Hair loss can occur due to harsh touches and physical damage caused by excessive drying. In case you use hair dryers, keep sure that you don’t overdry your hair and scalp or burn it. Using moisturizers, organic oils, or scalp serums, keep your scalp hydrated and fresh, so the roots of your hair can nourish and breathe well.

Balance Is the Key to Keeping Your Hair Healthy 

If you are concerned about the effect of sports on your hair, you need to know keeping a balance in your routine haircare is the most important homework you need to turn in! Regular exercise brings countless benefits to your body and can eventually help you have a healthier skin and hair. However, the latter requires balanced care and attention to some details. Sports with attention to your scalp’s hygiene, a healthy diet and vitamin intake, high-quality hair products, and physical care of your scalp bring unlimited benefits to your health.

However, the sad news is that genetic hair loss is not cured with a healthy sporty routine. Genetic baldness or male pattern baldness (MPB) is not affected by regular workouts. It is not all sad news! If you experience progressed baldness, you can still get a healthy natural hairstyle with a high-quality hair transplant surgery at a reasonable price tag! You can get a free online consultation from Dr. Cinik Hair Transplant and get a treatment plan right now!