Muscle Egg

At the 2019 Arnold Classic when I was representing Team Dissident, the Muscle Egg booth was right next to us. I had never heard of the brand at that point. At first, I actually was hesitant to try the product because drinking liquid egg whites didn’t sound too appealing to me. The booth was receiving a lot of traffic though and I kept hearing Muscle Egg was really good.

I said why not and went to go try some. They were sampling multiple flavors. The first flavor I tried was Cake Batter…then Fruit Cereal…then Chocolate…then I ordered 4 gallons of Muscle Egg to be sent to my house back home! It was frikin bomb. I got in the habit of having a glass of Muscle Egg first thing in the morning or right before I went to bed.

The macros were great, the taste was awesome, it was light, and a really good fit to add to my diet. I reached out to Muscle Egg after my first ordered gallon was gone and said that I was drinking the product on a regular basis so how can we work out a company partnership? After negotiations we came to terms, Anabolic Aliens became partnered with Muscle Egg.

It’s the best being able to promote what you love and forming these partnerships with companies I’d be using regardless of promotions fits my business module perfectly by maintaining my genuineness. Give Muscle Egg a try, it’s the world’s first flavored egg white protein drink!

Favorite Product: Cake Batter Flavor  ->USE THIS LINK FOR 10% OFF!

.mike rosa