As I continue on my fitness journey, maximizing nutrition is always an element I’m trying to get better at. Finding healthier alternatives to snacks I crave has been a massive game changer. Rather than try to fight cravings and make dieting a miserable process, there are healthier options that can help satisfy the cravings while also making it possible to stay nutritionally on track. NightFood is a prime example of this concept.

I own stock in the company NightFood because when they originally reached out to me, their message was exactly the concept I explained above about healthier alternatives. At first, NightFood was just healthier snack bars. Then they decided to take it to the next level and launch their healthier low calorie high protein ice cream.

I like the bars but originally I was much more interested in the partnership for the message behind promoting. When I tried the ice cream though, oh my god. The first flavor I had was Milk & Cookies and then every night after that I tried the rest of the flavors. I was sent a 6 month supply as part of our deal for partnering and I went through the ice cream so fast it lasted me not even 3 months! I literally love the NightFood Ice Cream so adding this in to the mix with the brand message was amazing for me.

It’s so awesome being able to grow along with company partnerships. If you love ice cream like me, you don’t want to, you need to try NightFood! If you are looking for some healthier snack bars, NightFood!!

Favorite Product: Milk & Cookies Flavor -> USE “ALIEN15” FOR 15% OFF!

.mike rosa