Working out has always been my favorite part of the fitness journey. There’s something about lifting weights and exercise in general that just puts my whole world into place giving me structure and purpose.

It makes me feel ready to conquer and motivated to keep pushing myself to get to the next level. Supplementation has been a huge aid to my training since the very start.

In the beginning I use to always just dabble between brands so I could try different products and see what I liked. It was fun! When the Anabolic Aliens YouTube channel first started to gain traction, the sports nutrition company Cellucor reached out. I really was a fan of the Cellucor products, they have a great sports nutrition line. The issue though came down to the business side of it. Cellucor only wanted Anabolic Aliens to be part of their affiliate program.

There was room to grow if I wanted to be like a salesman for Cellucor, but I have my own brand Anabolic Aliens. I was not interested in helping another company grow for just some commission without any room to help my company grow as well. Since I felt limited just affiliating Anabolic Aliens with Cellucor, I decided to stop doing business with them. I wanted to work with a supplement company that knew the potential and power of Anabolic Aliens and wanted to grow together.

Since sports nutrition was something I used daily, what company I wanted Anabolic Aliens to partner with was a big decision and not one to rush. A few years actually went by and then I was reached out to by Prozis. Prozis isn’t based in the US so I hadn’t heard of them before. After talking back and forth with the company, they sent me some of their product to try. Before I received the product, I stepped back and looked at this from a business perspective. First off, I’m always using supplements so partnering with a supplement company would save me an expense and convenience.

Secondly, I made it clear I was looking for a partnership, not just an affiliation and Prozis was looking for the same thing with Anabolic Aliens. Then thirdly when I did some research on Prozis, I went to their website and the variety they offer really stuck out to me. If you follow Anabolic Aliens then you know I preach variety and this company sure as hell offered it. Plus, it wasn’t too expensive like many other supplement companies. On top of all that they have great reviews and large social media followings so my thoughts were hell yeah, this company is legit and exactly what I’m looking for. I didn’t want to jump the gun though and commit to a partnership without having any experience with the product. I took a month to try to products they sent me which was a pre-workout, BCAA, protein, a jar of natural peanut butter, and some other little goodies.

The first thing I look for with my supplements is honestly taste. It better taste bomb otherwise I’m not taking it. The Prozis flavors are wicked good! I was very happy trying each flavor of the products. Then even more importantly, after consistently taking the products I experienced the intended benefits per product to help maximize my training and body building.

Prozis has everything you need for sports nutrition and then a lot more. Utilize your supplementation to maximize your training progression and body image goals. You don’t need supplements, but they definitely do help optimize the process so in my opinion then why wouldn’t you take advantage? Check out Prozis for your sports nutrition products, there’s a ton to help you get them gains!

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