Etra Lifting Chalk

If you’re into raw lifting and you like pushing your strength levels, then more than likely you’re pretty familiar with gym chalk. I use gym chalk every week for my training. Deadlifts being one of the major exercises I always chalk up for. Omri, the owner of Etra, reached out to me saying he really liked my content, energy, and mission.

When I checked out the brand and saw they offered gym chalk, the business side of me thought “ok, I don’t have a gym chalk partner and I use it all the time, here’s an opportunity to save me a small expense and cross promote a company with a product I’d being using anyway!” Then once I dug a little more into the brand, I became personally invested because their mission intertwined with mine.

Etra is all about inspiring and helping people progress to the next level in all aspects of their lives. I love that I’ve gotten to a point where I can see a company product, but I can also look passed that and see a company mission. When the product and the mission both vibe with myself and Anabolic Aliens, it’s a perfect company match to partner with.

After Omri and I got to talking about promotions between Etra and Anabolic Aliens, it was a no brainer to make it an official partnership with the vibes shared and growth potential.

Etra has tons of cool chalk options in block, loose, or liquid form, even different color options. If you need to re-up your stock or start your supply, get your gym chalk for your training through Etra Strong!

Favorite Product: Lime Green Loose Chalk -> USE "ALIEN10" FOR 10% OFF!

.mike rosa