Rosemary, or Rosmarinus Officinalis, is made into an essential oil that has many health benefits including the ability to boost mental activity and stimulate hair growth. 

Rosemary History

Used as a culinary herb since ancient times in the Mediterranean and other parts of the world, freshly picked rosemary leaves to enhance the flavor of many dishes and meats. It belongs to the same family as sage, myrtle, lavender, and basil, which is the mint family. 

The Romans lent specific importance to the rosemary bush, using it in religious ceremonies, wedding ceremonies, and in cosmetics and herbal medicinal care. It was also used in ancient Egypt as incense. 

Rosemary oil was a favorite medicinal oil of Paracelsus, a physician in the sixteenth century. 

He believed that it could heal delicate organs like the liver, brain, and heart and that it could strengthen the entire body.  

Among its health benefits are pain reduction, relief of respiratory problems, hair care, and growth, for relief of indigestion, stomach cramps, and flatulence. It was often added to meats and other dishes to aid with digestion. 

It may also be used for menstrual cycle disorders, cramps, ulcers, for regulating urine flow, for prostate problems, intestinal and liver problems, for the gall bladder, heart, for sperm mobility, kidney stones, pain, and for treating cataracts and leukemia. It is presently being researched for many types of cancer including stomach cancer, breast, colon, and lung cancer. 


Rosemary Oil for Hair

Used for hair it can help with hair growth and slow the progress of premature graying, which makes it excellent for use in shampoos. It stimulates the hair follicles, making the hair grow longer and stronger. Rosemary essential oil can aid with dry and flaky scalps by regularly massaging the oil into the scalp and using it in shampoos and conditioners. Mixed with tea tree oil, it has a stronger effect for the relief of dry scalp. Check out the full guide on

Rosemary Oil for Skin

As skincare, regular massages with rosemary oil can help to tone your skin and keep away dryness, which makes it great for use in cosmetics. It helps with the removal of dry flaky skin and tones the pores in the face. Facial soaps containing rosemary will help to give you a “rosy” and smooth complexion. 

Rosemary for its Aroma

It has a fabulous aroma, is useful in room fresheners, sachets, cosmetics, beauty aids, in foot and bath oils; as a fragrance in soaps, lotions, creams, and candles, and mixed with water in a spray it can help to remove bad odors from any room. 

As a respiratory aid, it relieves congestion of the throat, from allergies, colds, flu, and viruses. It’s great for respiratory infections because it is an antiseptic and as an antispasmodic, it helps to relieve bronchial asthma when inhaled. 

As a pain reliever, use it to treat headaches, muscle, tendon and joint pain, rheumatism, arthritis, and more. Bathing in rosemary essential oil can relieve sore muscles and joints while inhaling the vapors may also give relief from rheumatism. 


For aromatherapy only, Rosemary oil blends quite well with frankincense, Clary sage, lavender, cedar, basil, lemongrass, geranium, chamomile, myrtle, citrus oils, thyme, and citronella peppermint, and cardamom.

Other Benefits of Rosemary Oil

This special oil is also used as a mouthwash or rinse, it disinfects and removes bad breath. 

It is sometimes used by students cramming for exams because it increases concentration and stimulates the brain’s activity. 

It is also a nerve tonic and is great for relieving forgetfulness, depression, mental fatigue. It lifts the spirits and gives you a powerful boost of mental energy. 

Side Effects of Rosemary Oil

It does have some precautions and side effects. You should never use this herb if you have had seizures or are pregnant or nursing as it can cause a miscarriage or damage to the fetus. It can cause vomiting and spasms, so you should consult a good aromatherapist, integrative or holistic practitioner, or herbalist before its use. You should also tell your doctor if you want to use Rosemary for medicinal purposes. 

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