Dissident Gym Wear

In 2018, I went to the Arnold Classic Fitness Convention in Columbus, Ohio for the first time. At this point, Anabolic Aliens was really starting to gain significant exposure and growth but no big partnerships had been formed yet. I remember walking as just a bystander in the crowd and then a dope intense-looking sleeveless hoodie caught my eye. After walking toward the booth, I saw the athletes repping the apparel and I thought it looked so badass.

The brand was called Dissident Gym Wear. I got to talking with some of the Dissident team athletes and the vibe they expressed was motivational and welcoming, I loved it. That black sleeveless hoodie that initially caught my eye, I bought on the spot.

There was and still is something about just putting on that hood and tuning out the world that puts me in a mindset ready to conquer. The actual material as well is incredible; I came to find out everything is specially made. After falling in love with my new training hoodie, I ordered more gym wear and I vibed so hard with this brand. I reached out to Dissident Gym Wear in hopes to form a partnership with Anabolic Aliens. Dissident by definition is to oppose official policy so basically to go against the norm.

Dissident Gym Wear took that concept into embracing who you are, believing in yourself, having no limits and going against the norm to unlock your true potential releasing the best version of yourself. That mentality is exactly what I preach on Anabolic Aliens. Our company missions aligned perfectly. The vibes we shared were straight motivation.

One year after my initial encounter with Dissident Gym Wear as just a bystander, I was now a sponsored athlete of the Dissident Team and got to rep the brand as an athlete at the 2019 Arnold Classic. Dissident is more than just a dope clothing line, but it’s also a mentality that comes with it when you wear the apparel. If you’re looking for style, comfort, motivation, and to not just look but also feel like a badass, you need to go check out Dissident Gym Wear!

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