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For me, nutrition has always been the hardest aspect of fitness. Not because hitting numbers or staying committed was a problem, but more so due to the availability of having the foods I needed to truly maximize my diet.

When I was living at home with my parents, I was lucky enough to have my mom cook for me. I couldn’t be more thankful of that, but I wasn’t going to force her to go out of her way cooking all the time to help me maximize my diet. I ate what she made and did my best with what was available to reach my goals. When I was living at school, I had a full meal plan so all my meals were made by the dining hall. I went to the University of New Hampshire and they have great food at multiple dining halls there. There were a ton of options.

It was really tough though balancing nutrition trying to count calories and macros and plan meals without necessarily knowing what’s going to be served the next day. On top of that, the college lifestyle in general makes it way harder to stay on track. What I ended up doing was mainly just counting calories consciously eating healthier options. This helped me stay on track but macros and all the detail work was a big struggle to maximize.

Then once I graduated from UNH and moved out of my parent’s house to live on my own, it was about time I started cooking for myself. I found it extremely easier to reach caloric and macro goals when I was the one cooking the meals. I’d prep food tailored to the numbers I needed to hit for the day. This worked great in that regard, but the problem was it became such a nuisance taking up a ton of time. As the Anabolic Aliens business is growing and growing, time is more and more limited. It became overwhelming to try and meal prep toward diet goals on a consistent basis. That’s when I reached out to Hard Body Meals. I was introduced to Hard Body Meals when they first started out a while back and got to try some of their meals.

They were great! We never established any partnership though because both of our businesses were still at very early stages. Now Anabolic Aliens and Hard Body Meals are both established successful companies, so when I was looking for a meal prep company to help me maximize my nutrition while also helping me to save a ton of time, it was an easy choice. I negotiated a deal with Hard Body Meals and Anabolic Aliens became an official partner.

My diet is now the best and by far most consistent it’s ever been. The meal prep service is extremely convenient saving me literally so much time and stress. If you are looking to maximize your nutrition and save yourself time and energy, go check out Hard Body Meals. They are based out of Haverhill, MA!

Favorite Product: Ginger Chicken Meatballs -> 

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