York Athletics

When I finally got out of my middle school baller phase only repping Jordan’s, Nike’s were my shoe brand of choice. They were great for training but also for wearing around and going out. My sophomore year of College at the University of New Hampshire, I became really good friends with Dylan York. Dylan’s family started the Boston based shoe company called York Athletics. With the growing success of Anabolic Aliens and my friendship with Dylan, I was given a pair of York shoes to try out.

This honestly was an incredible scenario for me not just business wise, but also personally. I wish I could share my opinion without having bias because of my friendship with Dylan but you are going to have to take my word on this. York’s are legit dope. They are stylish, comfortable, light, and multi-purpose for training and going out too. Nike obviously is a great brand but I don’t even own Nike’s anymore and it’s not just because I get free York shoes. Of course my physical training is very important to me which makes my choice of training shoes also very important. York covers all the factors needed for training as Nike does but one very specific detail personal to me that I’ve experienced with both types of shoes is the heel material.

The issue I always had with Nike’s were if I didn’t wear high enough socks, the back of the shoe would irritate the back of my heel causing a blister. This was so annoying to the point where I only wore low top shoes and never high tops. The material York shoes are made of never give me this problem scuffing up the back of my foot. I frequently wear low cut socks with high top shoes now. On top of that personal detail, it’s my boy’s family’s company which makes it that much more meaningful to me.

I was so happy to be able to officially partner Anabolic Aliens with York Athletics and not just promote a quality shoe brand I highly recommend, but also support one of my best friends. York Athletics is growing as a company just like Anabolic Aliens with a great story and message behind the brand and we work incredibly hard and fight to grow together.

I also get complimented whenever I wear my York’s out so for real, they work for whatever you’re doing. If you’re looking for a dope new pair of training shoes that you can rock out too, then go check out York Athletics!

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